I’ve recently been surprised to receive a couple of emails from companies asking me to write about their stuff. I can only imagine the number of requests proper bloggers like Dadbloguk, Slouching towards Thatcham and The DADventurer must get!

Anyway, in one case, the brand was totally unsuitable, mainly because despite my best efforts at the BBQ this summer, I haven’t yet reached the stage of classifying myself as a ‘larger gentleman’. So, I politely declined. But another offer did feel like it was worth a good look and a quick plug – so here goes. Feel free to click away now if you don’t have kids or if you do but they’re older than 10.

What I got sent was a Scooterpeg. Well, two in fact. And they do pretty much what they say on the tin: you screw them into your wall and hang up your child’s scooter by the handlebar. Given the number of times I’ve tripped over one of these wretched things or taken a perilous and unexpected rolling journey while simply trying to cross our hallway, the idea immediately appealed to me.

So, manly toolbox in hand (it’s from Argos and it’s mainly plastic), I set about erecting two Scooterpegs on the wall. Ten minutes and five holes later (I only needed four but if you’ve seen me use a drill you’ll understand), they were up. And they work a treat. Instead of the boys’ scooters lurking malevolently in the middle of the floor as I blearily plod down the stairs in the morning, they now hang neatly out the way.

You can even use the suspended footpad as a shelf if you wish, presumably for your little ones’ helmet or shoes or whatever. In my case, though, I’ve decided to turn them into a display platform for the many blackened toenails I have sustained walking into one of the aforementioned scooters and which are now starting to fall off. A kind of homage to little victories. Especially if Nathan does his usual trick with unidentified, foraged titbits and eats one.

Anyway, that’s it. Pegs for scooters. My toenails, ankles and pride can rest easy and we can all now cross the floor without fear of a sudden family pile-up. In other words, so far, so simple, so good.

As for the next unexpected gift I receive, let’s hope it’s a Toddlerpeg.

Disclaimer: Convention demands I should point out that I wrote this blog as a result of Scooterpeg kindly sending me two free ones. Although if you didn’t work that out from reading it, one of us is doing something wrong.


2 thoughts on “Why I’m excited about a peg

  1. Proper blogger? Hahahahahaaaaaaa!

    I’d never heard of these before but they sound like a great idea. Although I do agree that a Toddlerpeg sounds like an even better idea. I wonder if they can make them sturdy enough to support the weight of an eight-year-old? Hmm …


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